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Lewis Hamilton – 2014

Lewis Hamilton World Champion 2014

Lewis Hamilton – World Champion 2014. What an amazing finish to the F1 World Championship, 11 race wins and a record number of season points in 2014 – a record for a British Driver. The only English Racing Driver to win two world championships with different teams and the first Mercedes F1 World Championship Driver.

No one can doubt his skills and determination throughout the season, battling against Rosberg right up to the last race and it was disappointing that technical issues with Rosbergs car denied us a potential battle for first place… Rosberg needed to win the race and needed Hamilton to finish third or lower to walk away with the Championship Trophy, but fate did not fall his way and from lap one, Hamilton showed he was out to win not only the race, but the championship with it.

Congratulation to Lewis Hamilton for the Season and the Championship, well deserved and congratulations to the Mercedes Team for the Manufacturers Championship…

Look out 2015… Nico Rosberg will be out for blood, Hamilton will be at the top of his game again and no doubt, with driver changes and engine changes, I am looking forward to the next season before I have even finished watching the interviews for the end of 2014.

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