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Jenson Button – 2014

For me Jenson Button is one of the most underrated drivers when you look carefully at the Grand Prix Teams and how he has been treated and dumped time and time again, despite being a World Champion with Brawn Racing when Honda sold the Team at the end of 2008 without warning.

Now, there is the risk that we could lose Jenson Button from Formula 1 altogether if McLaren drop him in favour of Kevin Magnussen, despite being the more qualified driver to partner Alonso and ahead of Magnussen on points.

For me, when you look at Jenson Buttons career, he has been reliable, rarely fails to finish unless suffering from mechanical defects and is an extremely level headed, technically adept driver that has earned his place in F1 History through hard work and determination – he rarely had the best car or the best seat in F1 and I feel that that all too often the teams place too much emphasis on the failure to win races at the hands of the driver, when it is the technical ability of the car too blame – clear evidence of this has been Vettel who in 2014 has struggled with the new car from Red Bull.

If Button had been in a Mercedes with Hamilton instead of Rosberg, I feel that Hamilton would have had to work a lot harder to stay ahead of Button than he has Rosberg and possibly the last race of the season might have been Hamilton chasing Button.

I will be gutted if we lose Jenson Button from F1 at the end of the 2014 when McLaren announce their drivers in December, it will be a massive loss to the sport.

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