Demon Lee Commercial Photographer….


Demon LeeBorn in the Dark Ages, Demon discovered photography when given a camera just before his eigth birthday and progressed to acquiring an enlarger and darkroom equipment around the age of 11 to set up in his parents bathroom.

At 16 with both legs in plaster after an operation, Demon took the opportunity to attend an interview to work in a Developing and Printing Lab for Commercial Photographers and began the apprenticeship in the dark art of mixing and testing chemicals for such processess as Agfacolour CNS for Negative and Transparencies, Kodak C41 for Negatives & E6 for Transparencies.  In 1978, Agfa dropped their Agfacolour Transparency Processes and adopted the Kodak C41 and E6.

After completing the apprenticeship with Agfa and Kodak as a Colour Processing Technician, Demon packed his bags and went off to University to study for his B.Sc.  On completing the Degree, Demon obtained a position in a Professional London Studio to apprentice with a Commercial & Portrait Photographer…. the rest as they say, is history!

Predominately working as a Freelance Photo-Journalist, Demon travels extensively around Europe working mainly within the Film, Television and Sports Industries producing images for Publicity, Editorial use as well as Posters, DVD extras etc.

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